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Support for LGBTI issues

Adults and young people who identify as LGBTI, are twice as likely to experience mental health issues, not because of their sexuality but because of discrimination, increased risk of bullying and assaults and the overall challenge of living in a heteronormative society. There may be additional trauma and stress experienced in the process of coming out, with the risk of rejection from family and friends. Teens and young adults may find it harder to find opportunities to safely explore their sexuality and relationships and may struggle to get access to quality information and support about their sexuality. Psychological support may include support that is directed in the areas that particularly impact the LGBTI community, as well as general mental health interventions that are mindful of the impact of sexuality and sexual identity on the whole person. 

Online support services:

LGBTIQ Health: LGBTIQ+ Health Australia

Qlife:  Get Help (

Support for Parents and Friends. PFLAG: pflagaustralia



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