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Brainspotting was developed by psychotherapist, Dr David Grand. Dr Grand discovered Brainspotting while using EMDR therapy with one of his patients and observing that there seemed to be an eye position that gave the patient better access to the material she was working on. Over time, Dr Grand has developed multiple techniques to allow people to access and process traumatic experiences as well as other difficulties, through focusing mindfully on what he calls “brainspots”.

Like EMDR therapy, Brainspotting is based on the Adaptive Information Processing model, which acknowledges our brain and body’s innate ability to heal. It differs from EMDR therapy in that it is a more exploratory process that is driven by the patient’s experiences, rather than a defined protocol. For this reason, Brainspotting is well-suited to pre-verbal, attachment, or complex trauma, which can to be difficult to capture in a specific memory.

In addition to trauma, Brainspotting has also been helpful in treating a variety of other issues such as addictions, anxiety, performance-based issues, anger, procrastination and unhelpful relationship patterns.

Dr Bianca Crick has a particular interest in Brainspotting and incorporates this therapy model into her work.

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