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At Centre Point Psychology, our groups are facilitated by experienced practitioners and provide practical, skills-based approaches in a safe, supportive group environment. There are both Zoom and in person groups running throughout the year on a range of topics. The groups can be a stand alone therapeutic experience or to compliment individual therapy. You do not need to be a client of our practice to attend our groups.
Groups in 2022
  • The Good Life Skills Group - based on the principles of Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT)
  • Yoga for Healing and Recovery New - Gentle Yoga movement, designed to improve psychological health through safe connection with the body.  Monthly Zoom classes @ 9am Saturday. Starting 2nd April 2022
  • ADHD Solutions Coming Soon -information and strategies to assist adults to manage the impact of ADHD and neurodiversity in daily life. 
  • The Live Free Anxiety Strategies Group Coming Soon - a mindfulness-based approach to manage anxiety and improve quality of life.


1. The Good Life Skills (DBT) Group

A practical approach to improving quality of life, based on the principles of Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT) 

Intake is now open for our next Good Life Skills (DBT) Group starting on the 2nd of May, with pre-group consultations starting soon.

Please email for more information or to register for a pre-group consultation.

The Good Life Skills (DBT) group is a comprehensive 10 week program of 90 minute groups based on the well-researched principles of Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT). DBT was originally designed for people with long-standing mental health difficulties that were severely impacting their lives and many DBT programs available today still require a full day commitment over 12 months. DBT has long been established as a high quality, effective intervention but the 12 month format is an expensive prospect in terms of time and money and can prevent people with milder difficulties accessing the benefits of DBT. Jules has used her extensive knowledge of DBT to distil the core concepts and skills into a program that retains the essential components of DBT but is more accessible and open to a wider range of people. Participants in the Good Life Skills (DBT) program have shown of improved scores on a range of outcomes measures including difficulties with emotional regulation, stress, depression and anxiety. The Good Life Skills (DBT) group is useful for anyone who has struggled with mild to severe difficulties with anxiety, low mood, eating disorders, emotional regulation and relationships. It can compliment existing individual therapy and is also useful for people who have not attended therapy before. The groups include engaging lecture-style presentations, the opportunity for focused discussion of the course material and safe, practical exercises. Jules conducts individual pre-group consultations to understand the needs and goals of each participant and any concerns they may have about the group. She actively manages the participant experience during group sessions to provide a focused, safe learning environment. In the Good Life Skill (DBT) group, you will learn practical information and usable skills that will help you to:

  • become more effective at managing distress and regulating your emotions
  • build skills in mindfulness
  • become more effective in relationships

The group is presented in both an accessible online format using Zoom and face to face in rooms. 

Facilitator: Jules Rademeyer is a fully qualified Clinical Psychologist. She has a particular interest in DBT and has completed Advanced DBT training through Behavioral Tech. Jules has facilitated numerous DBT groups and delivers the core DBT information and skills in a fun and engaging format, making the groups enjoyable and effective.

Our next group:

Online sessions run via Zoom

Mondays @ 5-6.30pm starting 2/5/22 (10 weeks with one week off for the long weekend). 

 Contact: for more information about our Good Life Skills (DBT) Group. 


2. Yoga for Healing and Recovery 

First Saturday of the Month @ 9am starting Saturday 2nd of April (Zoom).

FREE trial class. Email info@centrepointpsychology for access to the first free class. 

Our new Yoga for Healing and Recovery classes will be held online on the first Saturday of every month and will provide a safe and welcoming space to come and be led through a variety of gentle yoga poses and mindfulness meditations.

In these classes, Sonia from The Inner Nest will invite you to turn your awareness inward, listen to your body and make choices based on how you are feeling in the present moment. The focus is less on the alignment of yoga poses or following a specific sequence and more on noticing how your body feels as you land in each pose. ⁠

You will be invited to take variations of poses, or different poses entirely to bring the energy of the class up or down - providing you with the opportunity to explore what your body needs in that moment.⁠ Mindfully moving and noticing how sensations shift and evolve can be the doorway into truly inhabiting our bodies. This can help us to cultivate a sense of connection and embodiment, which can be challenging if we have experienced trauma or are experiencing depressed, stressful or anxious feelings. The yoga poses offered will be accessible to everyone regardless of previous yoga experience. Most of the poses can be done either on the floor or seated to encourage a sense of grounding, focusing on natural breathing to promote relaxation, mindfulness, and embodiment. This class is appropriate for people with mild or more severe issues including stress, low mood, anxiety, trauma and eating disorders. The emphasis is on comfort and individual sense of control and you can choose to participate with your camera off if you prefer. Sonia provides a safe and welcoming environment for people who want to experience yoga to enhance mental health. 

For more information about the classes email

Facilitator: Sonia is an experienced yoga teacher and has taught vinyasa, yin and meditation at some of Sydney’s largest yoga studios for the past 8 years. She is also a Grad Dip Counselling student and is particularly interested in trauma therapy and the role of somatic experiencing in the healing process. She has completed trauma sensitive yoga teacher and clinician training with Trauma Sensitive Yoga Australia and Transcending Sexual Trauma through Yoga training with Zabie Yamasaki. More information about Sonia and this approach to Yoga can be found at Trauma Sensitive Yoga & Meditations - The Inner Nest  at Trauma Sensitive Yoga & Meditations - The Inner Nest

Our Next Groups

Saturday 9am 2nd April 2022 via Zoom 

Saturday 9am 7th May 2022 via Zoom FREE Trial class - email for your link to the class.

Saturday 9am 4th June 2022 via Zoom 

 Booking link is at the bottom of this page


3. ADHD Solutions (For Adults with ADHD)

Understand ADHD in adulthood and learn strategies to manage the impact of ADHD on daily life

This group will provide key information to improve participants understanding of the how and why of adult ADHD. There is a focus on practical strategies to overcome the impact of ADHD and neuro-diversity in every day life. The 6 weeks of 90 minute Zoom sessions will cover the main challenges of ADHD such as organisational skills, managing transitions and improving focus and memory.

Facilitator: Clinical Psychologist Daniella Saleme is an experienced, engaging group presenter with a particular interest in adult ADHD

2022 ADHD Solutions Schedule:

Coming soon in 2022, dates TBC 


4. Live Free Anxiety Strategies Group 

A Mindfulness-based approach to managing Anxiety

Our Live Free group incorporates the principles of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) to better understand how your mind and body respond to anxiety in a productive, positive way. You will learn practical skills to help you work to be able to live more freely beyond your anxiety. This 90 minute group is run over 6 weeks via Zoom. 

2022 Live Free Anxiety Strategies Group Schedule:

Coming soon in 2022







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