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Grief and loss

by Psychologist Alex Haubold

We usually think about grief as being connected to the death of a loved one. Grief is a response to many forms of loss of which can include a relationship with a family member, friend, pet or partner. A sense of loss can also arise over the loss of a job, stability, a home, a part of one’s identity, health or independence.

We recognise that grief is not a linear process of “getting over it” in a set pattern. Emotions of grief can include a roller coaster of yearning, loneliness, anger, confusion, intense sadness or numbing. While all these emotions are normal, working with a psychologist will help to understand the grieving process and to learn to process and regulate emotions. Through the processes of grief, you can be supported to cope with “the new normal” and create a meaningful life alongside loss. A psychologist can also help with preparing for challenging situations such as how to communicate with others about the loss, how to acknowledge and prepare for anniversaries and reminders of the loss.

While it is important to recognise a range of normal, intense emotions that are associated with grief, a psychologist can also help identify when grief is more complicated and may require additional support and treatment.

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